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What's Inside

Cloud House brings together my best creative classes, helpful resources, and mindful drawing workshops. It is a private platform that provides a safe space to explore creativity within a mindful community.

Cloud House is perfect for you if:

  • You're trying to figure out your creative path and approach it in a mindful, healthy way
  • You'd like support and guidance in pursuing your passion projects and growing your creative skills
  • You're seeking community with like-minded people who are also on the creative path

What's Inside: 

1. Welcome Guide: Don't think you'll be left behind because you're new to Cloud House. We provide a thorough welcome guide to get you started, and are available to answer any questions you have. 

2. On-Demand ClassesThere are seven full video courses that help guide you through your creative journey. See more details below.

3. Events & Community: Cloud House provides an intimate space that is open and welcoming, with no judgment or negative energy. Share work and ideas, and join us for monthly virtual events.

4. More Resources: We answer member questions in our Advice Corner, provide lists of Drawing Resources we've actually used, and are constantly adding more helpful tips to Cloud House.

Our Classes

On-Demand Video Tutorials

Cloud House hosts Mimi's most helpful creative classes, available to play in full, on-demand. Grow at your own pace, with a friendly community to support you along the way. Classes include:

I. Start Your Creative Journey

Our Mindful Growth class uses Mimi's own story of lawyer-to-illustrator to show you how to find and follow your creative path. Many students have found it transformational; we recommend getting started here.

II. Make Your Creative Space

Support your creativity by making a dedicated creative space, designed with what works best for you. 

III. Design Your Daily Pages

Maintaining a daily practice is a key element of self-discovery and building your creative muscle. Learn how to establish a sketchbook journal practice that works for you. Then, take it further with our classes on illustrated journaling and mindful drawing.

IV. Learn Digital Painting

Ready to take the leap to digital painting? This comprehensive yet super approachable beginner's class walks you through Mimi's full creative process from Procreate to Photoshop. 

V. Create Your Passion Project

Passion projects have been a critical part of Mimi's growth and success as a transitioning creative. We've created a guided video course and planning template to help you see a project all the way through.

How Much It Costs

We keep it simple by offering one membership level with a free 3-day trial so you can make sure Cloud House is right for you. 

Cloud House membership is $27/month, or $297/year. You get the equivalent of one month free by paying annually.

Our on-demand classes alone provide a value of over $395, and our monthly livestreams and drawing guides are $35 for non-members. Not to mention the value of the community itself, including answers to your questions and feedback on your projects.

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